The prices below reflect front printing for white shirts only. There is an additional $5.00 for the back. 
Please email all artwork at :

  • $19.99 ( 1-4 )
  • $16.99 ( 5-9 )
  • $15.99 ( 10-20 )
  • $14.44 ( 21-30 )
  • $13.59 ( 31-49 )

The prices below reflect front printing for color shirts only. There is an additional $5.00 for the back. 
Please email all artwork at :

  • $24.99 ( 1-4 )
  • $21.24 ( 5-9 )
  • $19.11 ( 10-20 )
  • $18.05 ( 21-30 )
  • $16.99 ( 31-49 )

Business Solutions

Yellow Llama offers a wide range of IT and Marketing solutions for your business or charitable group.
Our services include but are not limited to website design, e-commerce applications, fundraising tools,
email marketing, internet software design and more. 

Contact one of our commercial representatives for further information and they will walk you through the process.

Click here to have a representative contact you.

Smoke Rise Prep School Earned $1,093.91 in One Month

You can do it too! Attention, Schools, Organizations, Places of Worship

How did they do it?

1. Yellow Llama created an online store for Smoke Rise Prep.

2. Parents, teachers and administrators all got on board to promote the online shop to their extended families and friends through their website, Facebook, emails and flyers.

3. They let everyone know that their store items were being offered as a way of encouraging school spirit and as a way of raising money for their needed activities and programs.

4. Yellow Llama took care of supplying and printing their products, credit card processing and shipping. It was that easy!

New Concepts in Fundraising


New Concepts in Fundraising. We offer several types of fundraising solutions. From MicroSites to the Llama RV we have a program to suit your needs.


Sales Reps Wanted

Sales representatives wanted in Atlanta, GA and New York. Yellow Llama needs energetic salespeople who can sell our Micrositesand DTG products. Please submit your resume and availability to Will train the right person.

Yellow Llama deepest discounts:

Value Dozen 


That's $14.16 per shirt

  • Print any number of colors
  • Print any size image on one side
  • Offer available in stores or via phone orders. 

Cannot be combined with other offers. Not available online.

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FAQ DTG printing

Can you print more than four colors?
Yes! Yellow Llama DTG printers are not in any way limited by available ink colors. All colors are digitally mixed on site by computer, as a result we can produce in excess of 16 million colors.

What is the largest size image that you can print?
We can print images up to 16.5″ X 29.5" On special orders we can even produce canvas prints as large as 64".

What is the lowest/highest resolution image file that Yellow Llama can print?
Our minimum standard resolution for best quality is 300dpi. Although our technology can work with lower resolution files, image files less
than 300 dpi will result in more granular image quality. Yellow Llama has a quality reputation to protect so we set a minimum standar of 300.

Can Yellow Llama reproduce images with detailed gradients?
Yes. Yellow Llama printers can print at 1440 X 1440 DPI and our state of the art RIP software allow for very fine gradients and laser thinelines.
We have no challenges with halftones, gradients even on dark color shirts. We have photo-quality printers, enabling us to take a photo and
print a streched canvas or a black shirt.

Is Yellow Llama limited to only print on white or light-colored shirts?
We can print on any color garment made from a natural firbre. While many companies in the industry are limited to white or light color garments,
Yellow Llama only uses printers that have white ink capabilities. As a result our technology supports printing white on dark garments.

What types of fabrics can you print on?
While Yellow Llama technology can print on almost any fabric or material, Yellow Llama is by choice an enviormentally responsible (Green) company.
In an effort to keep true to this value, we do our best to limit our printing to natural firbre.

How do I wash a Yellow Llama produced garment decorated with a DTG printed image on it?
Garments printed using Yellow Llama DTG technology are printed with a textile dye that actually dye's the fiber of the garment.
As a result they enjoy excellent washability and colorfast durability. Unlike silkscreen and heat transfers, your printed image will not degrade.